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Add funny emoticons to your e-mails


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Do you think your e-mails are boring? Would you like to add as many icons as you like in your e-mails?

SmartPic is a lite program which give us the possibility to add those beloved icons to our e-mails having no problem. It’s easy to use and offers us a wide range of emoticons of all kinds, so we can convert our boring e-mails into really attractive and funny ones.

SmartPic is very easy to use, because it integrates itself in your e-mail client, and if we want to add an icon, we only have to double-click on it and it will appear in our e-mail inmediately.

It includes several categories, ordered by categories so it’s easy to find the emoticon you need with no problem.

In addition, we can update the emoticon database with our emoticons.